etouch4 Case Study

Scott's Locksmiths Group

The customer is the leading group of locksmith businesses situated in the cities of Maryborough and Hervey Bay in the Wide-Bay region of Queensland, Australia.

Customer - Scott's Locksmiths Group

The customer is the leading group of locksmith businesses situated in the cities of Maryborough and Hervey Bay in the Wide-Bay region of Queensland, Australia.
The customer has one shop, two offices and two workshops and twelve mobile locksmith vans on the road.
The customer relies heavily on technology for job and resource management. 

Allstrong Locksmiths & Security

With over 23 years’ experience servicing Queensland and in particular Hervey Bay and the Fraser Coast and surrounds  turn to the team at Allstrong Locksmiths due to our fast, professional 24 hour services. 

Heritage City Locksmiths

Heritage City Locksmiths are the local Maryborough  (QLD) Professionals with over 30 years' experience in the highly specialised fields of Residential, Commercial and Vehicle Security.


Poor internet access and intermittent power failures at Maryborough led to a need for a more reliable service. 


The solution is a marrying of components/services from different suppliers.

Brother International

Office Multi Function Centres, Labelling and Mobile Printers)


etouch4 by Dunstan Software Pty Ltd (Business Management Applications) 


Cloud Computing Services
Google Suite

Terminal Services Plus

Remote accessibility


Google for Work 

For some time the Scott’s Locksmiths Group has been using Google for Work to manage email, shared calendars and documents. The excellent reliability and flexibility of the Google offering led to the decision to trial Google’s Cloud Services.


etouch4 Back Office by Dunstan Software Pty Ltd

etouch4 is a business, job and resource management tool used by Scott’s Locks that allows for comprehensive quoting and billing.
Using the Google Cloud Virtual Machine with Terminal Services Plus to allow access to the etouch4 Back Office (Windows® programme), means that administration staff have easy, secure and reliable access from any location. 


etouch4 Phone Module by Dunstan Software Pty Ltd

The etouch4 Phone Module (HTML5) provides access for the locksmiths on the road to review, add, update and invoice jobs/service calls on the spot. This has reduced the need for paper based logging of activity. The locksmiths use a range of Android and Apple iPhones. etouch4 is a product developed using the Clarion programming language from Softvelocity Inc, the Clarion H5 Application Broker and the Clarion IP Server technology.


Google Cloud Virtual Machine 

Hosted in Australia
Windows® Server 2016
50 GB Hard Disk
Static IP4 Address
8 GB Ram

The ability to configure the Virtual Machine to provide the resources required gives confidence that as transaction volumes expand, the resources of the Virtual Machine can also be expanded.
This reduces the capital outlays in managing such devices. In addition the confidence the client has in Google’s infrastructure means that regardless of localised internet or electricity issues the client is able to access the Google Virtual machine via mobile phone hotspots etc. 


Terminal Services Plus

This software provides access to the Google Cloud Virtual Machine via HTML5 and the more traditional RDP. In addition each server at the Group’s office locations is running Terminal Services Plus to provide ease of access and management for local staff.

Terminal Services Plus provides very user friendly methods for uploading, downloading and printing from the Google Cloud Virtual Machine. 


Brother International

Using Brother Multi-Function centres (MFC-9330CDW & MFC-L9570CDW) in the office locations for every day scanning and printing has proven to be very reliable. Scanned job requests are uploaded to the Google Cloud Virtual Machine and stored in the etouch4 service calls database as and when required.

As a useful tool for on the road printing (when required) the Brother PJ-773 Mobile printer has been invaluable. In addition during power outages it’s possible to print any required documents with minimal disruption.

In the initial trials of using the Brother PJ-773 the client estimates a saving of around two hours when compulsory documents are required for jobs on the road. 


This solution has resulted in the client improving productivity and hence, the bottom line.
On the road locksmiths report a twenty-fold improvement in data delivery to their smartphones with an increased level of reliability through the implementation of the Google Cloud Virtual Server.
Prior to the implementation of the solution the data served was through the Maryborough Office Server’s NBN Wireless link.

Administration staff have reported an improvement in productivity due to the performance of the Google Cloud Virtual Machine and Terminal Services Plus combination.

This hybrid solution mixes the best of the cloud and local networks, meets the customer’s needs with the best return on investment. 

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